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Show Archive



Broken, Fixed, Renewed

Transportation, Roads, & Paths

Creatures, Real or Imagined


Dreams, Visions, & Reflections

A Growing Season

Sounds and/or Motion

Supernatural & the Strange


Time: Past, Present, Future

Special Exhibition: Blooming in the Desert

Perspectives: Above-Below-Beyond

Special 2-Show Exhibition: SOAR & Volunteer Showcase

American Southwest: Old & New

Special 2-Show Exhibition: 6×6 on Route 66 Fundraiser & Road Works Photography

Magic, Myths, & Symbols


The Mind’s Eye

Textures, Tones & Shapes

Roads, Rails & Trails

Special Exhibition: SOAR (in tandem with Roads, Rails & Trails)

Special Exhibition: 6×6 on Route 66 Fundraiser (in tandem with Roads, Rails & Trails)

Mystic & the Supernatural