ArtHub Schedule 2021

Whether you are an aspiring artist, an established artist or an art appreciator, we have something for you!

Gallery Shows 2021

Jan 7th- Feb 13th- “Dreams, Visions & Reflections”

April 1st- May 8th- “A Growing Season”

June 24th- July 31st- “Sounds and/or Motion”

September 17th-October 23rd- “Supernatural and the Strange”

6×6 Fundraiser

September 17th-October 23rd

Education Sessions 

Session I–February 16th-March 27th

Session II–May 11th-June 19th

Session III–August 3rd-September 11th

Session IV–October 26th-November 24th

Artist Retail Shop 

November 26th-December 18th