Kingman Center for the Arts welcomes summer with their new Art Gallery show, “Sounds and/or Motion,” which opens Thursday, June 24th at the ArtHub in downtown Kingman (402 E Beale Street).

This show will feature themed pieces in various mediums including watercolor, oil, ceramic, stone and textile (fabric). The art on display will also showcase many sculptures, including kinetic items and a piece made of etched glass, ammonite, and Swarovski crystals encased in a glass dome.
“It’s interesting how sound is represented by different artists. We have art piece’s showing musical instruments and one piece that actually make sounds. Other artworks illustrate motion and one sculpture piece actually moves,” said KCA Gallery Director, John Van Vliet. “This will be an innovative show and a great opportunity for the local community to see some unique and interesting art on display.”
Kingman local and artist, Mike Lawrence, who has been working in the art world as an illustrator, art director, instructor and painter ever since graduating Northern Arizona University in 1979, is a regular contributor to the KCA Gallery. “I think the KCA Gallery is a great venue for local and regional artists to show their work! There are quite a few talented artists in the community and the themed shows give us an opportunity to get some exposure,” Mike said.
The art show “Sounds and/or Motion” runs from June 24 through July 31.
Art Gallery hours are Tues – Thurs 11-5pm and Friday and Sat, 11-6pm. The ArtHub also has a small gift shop with items made by local artists.
Starting June 28, the entire exhibit will be on display in the Virtual Gallery at

An artist reception will take place on Saturday, June 26th from 2-5pm at the ArtHub. The reception is open to the public.

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