Show runs Jan 13-Feb 26 and can be viewed in person at the ArtHub, 402 E. Beale Street, Kingman, AZ

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Terry Flanagan–“Keys to Time”–Digital Art–$95–18×22–Framed
David Francisco–“Earth Sculpting Slowly”–Acrylic on Canvas–$95–6×12–Black Edges
Pamela Malouf–“Daydreams of the Past”–Textile Art–$99–13×13–Framed
Denise Multari–“Running Out of Time”–Mixed Media on Board–$375–16×18–Framed
Mike Lawrence–“Fossil Fools”–Watercolor–$95–13×13–Framed
Mary Jane Swafford–“A Winter’s Tale”–Acrylic on Canvas–$275–12×16
Kevin Roberts–“Abduction”–Mixed Media (4 layers) –$175–12.5x15x5–Framed (Black Shadow Box with Glass) –This piece lights up and has a USB battery powered fader attached to the back
Sharon Matheson–“Up on Bagge Hill”–Acrylic–$75–14×18 Framed–On Canvas Board
Terry Flanagan–“VORTEX”–Digital Art–$75–9×28–Framed
Teri Merrill–“1897 Richardson Homestead”–Acrylic–NFS–15×19–Framed
Nancy Sandy–“Time Machines”–Photography–$30–17×14–Framed
John Van Vliet–“Two Dads”–Processed Photography on Metal–$95–12×9
Andree Duncan–“Ramparts of Coliour”–Acrylic–$275–24×30–Framed
Jim Federico–“Time Traveler”–Gourd Mask–$330–29Tx12base–(Partially open back so can be illuminated)
Jim Federico–“Two Dogs and a Man”–Acrylic on Canvas–$85–10×20–(White around edges in on the photograph only, not on the artwork)
Claudia Tuberg–“Orange Sky”–Acrylic on Canvas–$85–17.5×22–Framed
Claudia Tuberg–“Cell Run”–Acrylic on Canvas–$85–17.5×22–Framed
Sharon Matheson–“Looking Back, Moving Forward”–Mixed Media Collage–$185–18×24–Framed (On Canvas)
Tina Borys–“Desert Sea Creatures”–Mixed Media–$125–12Tx12Wx12D–(Cholla Wood, Barrel Cactus, Epoxy Resin Coated)
Sharon Matheson–“Urban Garden”–Mixed Media Collage–$155–17×21–Matted & Framed–(On Mount Board)
Sharon Tipton–“Hunting Cabin”–Oil Painting–$125–19.5×16.5–Framed
Sharon Tipton–“Drift Creek”–Oil Painting–$225–21×20–Framed
Karen Lopez–“Retrospect”–Mixed Media–$160–15in. diameter–Framed
Barb Graham–“Snow Pond”–Photography–$118–23.5×18–Framed
Kathi Vargo–“Words Aren’t Necessary”–Collage on Board–$195–12x12x2.5D
Pat Evans–“A Time to Love”–from Ecclesiastes–Ink–$150–16×20–Framed
John Van Vliet–“Running in a Vicious Circle”–Sculpture (Sticks, Stones) –$875–30Wx28Hx12D–Price Includes a Custom Wood Crate–SOLD
Elizabeth Pollnow–“Arizona Landscape IV”–Kiln Fired Stoneware–$45–5.5×5.5
Carl Childs–“Fire in the Sky”–Leather Matrix Print–$850–13×11–Matted & Framed
John Van Vliet–“Thirty Seconds Over Kingman”–Photo on Canvas–$95–16×24
Doris Lightwine–“Obidos Portugal”–Acrylic–$100–11×13–Framed–SOLD
Doris Lightwine–“Cotswold Village”–Acrylic–$300–17×14–Framed
Pam Hessey–“Home Invasion”–Mixed Media–NFS–22×27.5–(Media Includes Metal, Sagebrush & Oil Paint)
Cheryl Thomas–“Medieval Chick, 2021”–Acrylic on Panel–$400–11×14
Cheryl Thomas–“Queen of Hearts, 2021”–Acrylic on Panel–$350–8×10–Framed
Carl Childs–“Inner Universe”–Print–$175–13×11–Matted & Framed
Jim Federico–“Time Guardian”–Mixed Media-Repurposed Material–$205–23Tx7Wx5 Base
Pamela Malouf–“Memories of History Class”–Textile Art–$189–24×24–Mounted on Board–SOLD
Sally Bradley–“Faux Clock”–Mixed Media–$35–8x9x2D–(Can Hang on Wall or Stand on a Table)
Andrea Havard–“Deep Sea Crinoid”–Low Fire Ceramic–$150–9Tx9Wx5 inch Base–3 Pieces That Fit Together
Carol Campbell–“Crusin on Route 66”–Processed Photography–$30–12×15–Matted & Framed
Carol Campbell–“Across the Ages”–Processed Photography–$30–12×15–Matted & Framed
Pam Hessey–“Thinking Outside of the Box”–Watercolor–$150–19×23–Matted & Framed
Pam Hessey–“Mine (Mantling Ornate Hawk-Eagle)”–Watercolor–$175–19×23–Matted & Framed
Rob Bagge–“Behrens Road #3”–Acrylic on Gallery Canvas–$135–14×18
Rob Bagge–“Time Alone”–Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas–$115–16×12
Inessa Burnell–“Currents of Time”–Digital Painting–$110–18×26–Framed
Sharon Matheson–“High Lonesome”–Watercolor–$135–17×14–Matted & Framed
Sharon Matheson–“Lonesome Place”–Watercolor–$75–11×13–Matted & Framed
Greta Warren–“Malala”–Oil on Stretched Canvas–$175–12x12x3D–Metal Frame
Elaine Vincent–“Grandma Sewing”–Pencil & Charcoal on Watercolor Paper–$150–21×27–Matted & Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Distant Storm is Brewing”–Oil on Linen–$350–17×13.5–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Before the Storm”–Oil on Linen–$240–12×10.5–Framed–SOLD
Ernie Dollman–“Distant View of the Hualapais”–Oil on Linen–$300–14×11–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Back Alleys of Kingman”–Oil on Linen–$240–14×11.5–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Downtown Kingman Metal Shed”–$350–Oil on Linen–16.5×13.5–Framed
Rob Bagge–“Wanting Time to Stand Still”–Acrylic on Canvas–$325–36×48