Show runs September 17-October 23, 2021 at the ArtHub, 402 E. Beale Street, Kingman, Arizona. Open Hours are Tues-Thurs. 11-5pm and Fri-Sat 11-6pm.

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Kathi Vargo–“I’ve Got The Key”–Mixed Media Sculpture–$185–15.5x21x12D–Found Objects
Doris Gosney–“Spirit War Mask”–Gourd and Acrylic–$75–24×16.5–Hangs on Wall
Toni Bigelow–“Birds of Paradise”–Acrylic / Abstract–$250–24×36–On Canvas
Sally Hudak-Logan–“Love of Tattoos”–Watercolor–$150–17.5×21.5–Matted and Framed
Nancy Sandy–“Speed Checked By Radar”–Composite Photograph–$75–17×14–Framed
Mike Lawrence–“The Gunfighter”–Giclee Print–$90–12×15–Framed
Nancy Sandy–“I Thought There’d Be a Handbasket”–Composite Photograph–$75–17×14–Framed
Jim Federico–“Water Watcher”–Acrylic–$175–16×20–On Canvas
Cheryl Thomas–“Marie”–Acrylic on Panel–$450–11×14
Cheryl Thomas–“Marie 2”–Acrylic on Panel–$450–11×14
John Van Vliet–“Memories of the Mortars”–Processed Photography on Metal–$135–17×17–Framed–SOLD
Joyce Wiley–“Balinese Room”–Digital Art–$150–On Canvas–15×12–Matted & Framed
Kathi Vargo–“Nail Head”–Mixed Media Sculpture–$300–16.5×20.5–(Gourds, Copper, Nails and Glass Mosaic)
Heather Sprague–“The Tree Grew, And Broke the Sky, Allowing Her a Way Forward”–Photography on Aluminum–$350–16×16–Framed
Heather Sprague–“She Tired of the Sibling Rivalry Between Sister and Brother, Especially When They Shared the Same Light”–Photography on Aluminum–$215–12×12–Framed
Mike Lawrence–“Wolf Shadow”–Watercolor–$155–10×15.5–Framed
Mike Lawrence–“The Healer”–Enhanced Giclee Print–$95–13×15–Matted & Framed–SOLD
Jim Federico–“Hold My Hand”–Mixed Media Sculpture–$145–Wood Base 7 Inch, 36 Tall–Made With Saguaro Ribs
Andrew Florea–“Autumns Glow”–Oil on Panel–$350–11×11–Framed
Andrew Florea–“Shiloh Springs Ranch”–Oil on Panel–$325–11×11–Framed
G. Lee Multari–“Kingman Ghost Dance 2018”–Processed Photography–$145–16×20–Matted & Framed
Toni Bigelow–“Too Rough to Play”–Mixed Media–$165–40.5×29–Framed
Sally Hudak-Logan–“Celebrating a Good Life”–Watercolor–$100–14.5×18.5–Matted & Framed
Mary Federico–“El Mariachi”–Mixed Media Sculpture–$95–16H x Approx. 6 Inch Base
Mary Federico–“La Catrina”–Mixed Media Sculpture–$80–14H x Approx. 6 Inch Base–SOLD
Karen Lopez–“Undone”–Mixed Media–$210–13Wx13Hx3D–Framed
Rob Bagge–“Ocotillo Blossoms”–Acrylic on Canvas–$85–14×18
Terry Flanagan–“Steam Punk”–Digital Art–$100–18×22–Framed
Pamela Malouf–“Vortex Visions”–3D Textile Art–$385–20×29–Framed–SOLD
Karen Lopez–“Portal”–Mixed Media–$245–13Wx37Hx7D–Framed–This piece has multiple 3D elements including a hand holding a heart, mask, etc.
John Van Vliet–“Bisti Badlands Imp”–Processed Photography on Metal–$140–12×18–Framed
John Van Vliet–“Recharging the Soul”–Photography–$650–32×31–Matted with Blue and Black Frame
Lorraine Fry–“Very Fairy Girl”–Colored Pencils & Watercolor–$45–19.5×23–Matted & Framed
Jesse Faulkner–“Snake”–Metal Sculpture–$350–12 Long x 10H x 12W
Pam Hessey–“The Line Between Man and Beast”–Watercolor–$160–18×22–Framed
Robert Crying Red Bear–“Raven Warrior”–Primitive Art Sculpture–$600–24×26–Hangs on Wall
Greta Warren–“Eye Artist”–Oil on Panel–$375–12×12
Sharon Matheson–“Apparition”–Embellished Mono Print–$45–9.5×11.5–Framed–Printed on Acrylic Sheet–SOLD
Rob Bagge–“Hualapi Fire”–Acrylic–$66–16×20–On Canvas
Rob Bagge–“Boundry Cone”–Acrylic–$66–20×16–On Canvas–SOLD
Mary Federico–“Old Fishermen Never Die…”–Mixed Media Sculpture–$85–16T x Approx. 6 Inch Base
Carol Campbell–“Cave Monster”–Digital Art–$100–16×20–On Canvas
Carol Campbell–“Cosmic Connection”–Digital Art Canvas Print–$120–18×22–Framed
Terry Flanagan–“Mystical Waters”–Digital Art–$45–9×19–Printed on Canvas & Wrapped Around a Frame for Wall Mount–SOLD
Audra McGrew–“Schweben” (Levitate in GermanArt Bell Tribute)–Acrylic–$133–18.5×22.5–On Canvas–Framed
Audra McGrew–“Skelett Katzchen” (Skeleton Kitty in German)–Acrylic–$188–18.5×22.5–On Canvas–Framed
Teri Merrill–“Rescued By Pearls of Wisdom”–Oil–$85–14×14–Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Elizabeth Stahulak–“Flash”–Mixed Media–$355–10×10–Acrylic, Chalk Markers
Pat Toth–“The Eyes Have It”–Acrylics–$145–17.5×14.5–Matted & Framed
Barb Graham–“Nascar Bull”–Photography–$80–17×14–Framed
Claudia Tuberg–“Wild”–Mixed Media–$165–8×12
Claudia Tuberg–“Scaring Myself 1”–Processed Photography–$55–13×16–Matted & Framed
Claudia Tuberg–“Scaring Myself 2”–Processed Photography–$55–13×16–Matted & Framed
Mary Ann Schueller–“Transformations”–Oil on Canvas–$60–16.5×19.5–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Back Alleys of Kingman”–Oil on Linen–$462–18.5×15.5–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Eureka Harbor Scene”–Oil on Linen–$300–15.5×13–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Kingman Casita”–Oil on Linen–$240–14.5×12.5–Framed
Doris Lightwine–“The Bayou”–Acrylic–$100–10.5×12.5–Framed–SOLD
Robert Crying Red Bear–“Forest Warrior”–Primitive Art Sculpture–$800–32×23–Hangs on Wall
Sharon Matheson–“The Guardian”–Acrylic, Mixed Media–$130–13×15–On Canvas Panel–Framed–SOLD
Sharon Matheson–“Strange Music Below”–Mixed Media–$90–12×14–On Polyester Sheet With Collage–Matted & Framed