Show runs June 26-July 31, 2021 at the ArtHub, 402 E. Beale Street. Hours are Tues-Thurs 11am-5pm, Fri-Sat 11am-6pm.

Pamela McKinney–“Raging Waterfall in Forest”–Gesso on Canvas–$55–12×12
John Van Vliet–“Runner”–Lost Wax Bronze–$700–9Hx11Wx3D–Comes Mounted On Marble Stand
Sharon Matheson–“Graffiti”–Acrylic–$600–18×24–On Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Claudia Tuberg–“Sounds of the River”–Acrylic Pour–$95–14×18–On Canvas, Framed
Jim Federico–“Mesa & Visitors”–Acrylic–$120–12×15–On Stretched Canvas, Framed
Jim Federico–“Moonrise Over La Cienega”–Photography–$150–24×16–On Stretched Canvas with Black Edges
Andrew Florea–“Tempestad”–Watercolor–$175–12.5×17.5–Matted and Framed
Andrew Florea–“Cloudburst Over the Sonoran”–Oil on Panel–$250–11.5×9.5–Framed–SOLD
Jim Federico–“The Band”–Stained and Engraved Limestone–$500–22Hx6Wx6D–Limestone Column
Pat Toth–“Soaring Eagles”–Pastels–$500–20×24–Matted and Framed
Barb Graham–“Bull Elk and Cow”–Photography–$45–13.5×12–Framed
Barb Graham–“Double Aspens”–Photography–$71–24.5×19.5–Matted and Framed
Rob Bagge–“Caldera”–Acrylic on Canvas–$125–19×25–Framed
Doris Gosney–“Thunder Drum”–Mixed Media Gourd–$200–Base 9×11–Drum 10.5H
John Van Vliet–“Leaving the Void”–Photo Digital Art on Metal–$95–13×13–Framed–SOLD
Rob Bagge–“Promise of Rain”–Acrylic on Canvas–$95–18×22–Framed
Heather Sprague–“Dragons Are Real, She Thought, They Arose All Around Her”–Processed Photography on Aluminum–$210–13×13–Framed
Rob Bagge–“The HIlls Call To Me”–Acrylic on Canvas–$85–19.5×23.5–Framed
Nancy Sandy–“Bare Footin'”–Photography–$45–14×17–Matted and Framed
Nancy Sandy–“A White Pebble”–Photography–$35–13×16–Matted and Framed
Toni Bigelow–“Tranquility”–Mixed Media–$165–18×24–Framed
Andrew Florea–“Skull Valley Ranchland”–Watercolor-Ink–$175–16×20–Framed
Audra McGrew–“Serenity Pond”–Oil Pastels–$288–22×26–Matted and Framed
Andrew Florea–“Skull Valley Cloudburst”–Oil on Linen–$325–14.5×17.5–Framed–SOLD
John Van Vliet–“Mohave Horizon”–Print on Canvas (black edges)–$110–16×32
Virginia Anderson–“A Good Horse is Handy”–Oil on Canvas–$290–21×24.5–Framed
Heather Sprague–“She Could Feel The Gaze, But Knew It Would Be Gone When She Looked”–Processed Photography on Aluminum–$110–9×9–Framed
Greta Warren–“Sombra de Amor”–Oil Painting–$450–15.5×19.5–On Stretched Canvas, Framed
Greta Warren–“Shaen”–Oil Painting–$425–15×19–Aluminum Panel, Framed
Carol Campbell–“Spin”–Photography–$60–15.5×12.5–Matted and Framed
Carol Campbell–“Harmony”–Photography–$60–15.5×12.5–Matted and Framed
Teri Merrill–“Mother’s Garden”–Gouache–$90–18×22–Matted and Framed
Kevin Roberts–“Album Cover”–Pen on Matte–$200–13×13–On Matte Board (1″ Shadow Box)
Pamela Malouf–“Let’s Play Music”–Textile Art–$165–24×17–Mounted on Hard Board–17 Fabrics Plus Ribbons, Grommets, Beads and Piping–SOLD
Mike Lawrence–“If 6 was 9”–Giclee Print–$95–12×15–Matted and Framed
Karen Lopez–“Resonance”–3-D Sculpture–$275–14.5Hx13.5 Diameter–Includes Etched Glass, Found Objects, Ammonite and Swarovski Crystals Encased in a Glass Dome. It Even Plays Music Like a Music Box.
Karen Lopez–“Sound Wave”–Mixed Media–$150–13Hx16Wx.75D–Framed
Carl Childs–“Sound of Aurora Borealis 1859”–Acrylic (Resined)–$1325–12×16–On Board
Andrea Havard–“The Ride”–Mixed Media–$70–13×13–Shadow Box Frame
Claudia Tuberg–“In Midflight”–Acrylic Pour–$105–14×26–On Canvas Board, Framed
John Van Vliet–“Galactic Compass”–Kinetic Compass–$4500–124Hx120W–Made Primarily of Wood, Glass and Brass. Free Standing With It’s Own Base.
Ernie Dollman–“Cluster of Houses”–Oil on Linen–$450–18.5×15.5–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Rock Outcropping”–Oil on Linen–$400–15.5×12.5–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Tranquility”–Oil on Linen–$350–16×14–Framed–SOLD
Cindy Hill–“Skateboard”–Colored Pencil and Ink–$120–12×16–Matted and Framed
Doris Lightwine–“The Thames-Circa 1919”–Acrylic–$200–14.5×16.5–Framed–SOLD
Pat Evans–“Chasing Klimt 2”–Watercolor–$300–11×14–Matted and Framed
Pam Hessey–“My Noisy Toaster (Coopers Hawk)”–Watercolor–$200–19×23–Matted and Framed
Rob Bagge–“Road Trip”–Mixed Media–$60–7×15–Acrylic Ink on Canvas–SOLD
Teri Merrill–“Chickadee Symphony”–Acrylic–$150–16×20–Oval Wrapped Canvas
Mary Jane Swafford–“The Hidden Tree”–Acrylic on Canvas–$225–12×15–Framed
Doris Gosney–“Fruit on the Claw”–Mixed Media Gourd–$100–13Hx8W
Nancy Sandy–“Evening Ballet”–Photography–$125–20×24–Matted and Framed
Sally Bradley–“Jimi, A Tribute to Hendrix”–Fabric Art–$40–12×17–SOLD
Mary Jane Swafford–“Music in the Air”–Acrylic on Canvas–$200–11×14
Cindy Hill–“Plein Air in Cozumel”–Watercolor–$90–12×22–Three Paintings Together–Matted and Framed–SOLD
Kathi Vargo–“Rollin’ on the River”–Mixed Media–$195–10Hx10Wx1.5D–Collage, Encaustic, Found Object
Cindy HIll–“Giggles”–Pencil–$90–12×17–Matted and Framed
Lashell Lingle–“Tiny Dancer”–Oil–$500–12×15–Framed
Mary Ann Schueller–“Red Rocks Falls”–Oil on Canvas–$80–32×26.5–Framed
Toni Bigelow–“Red Hot”–Acrylic on Canvas–$150–16×20
Terry Flanagan–“Western Sounds”–Digital Art–$45–37×5.5–Printed on Canvas, Wrapped on Wood–SOLD
Terry Flanagan–“On the Run”–Digital Art–$45–33×5.5–Printed on Canvas, Wrapped on Wood
Andree Duncan–“Portland Head Lighthouse”–Oil–$250–19×23–Framed