This show is mounted at the ArtHub, 402 E Beale Street, Kingman, Arizona. Business hours are Tues-Thurs 11-5pm and Fri-Sat 11-6pm. If you would like to purchase one of the pieces and cannot visit in person, please call 928-530-8432.

John Van Vliet–“TV Vacation”–Giclee Print–$180–17×20–Matted & Framed
Harriet Selfridge–“Old Pylons”–Watercolor–$100–11×14–Matted & Framed–SOLD
Harriet Selfridge–“A Storms Brewing”–Watercolor–$150–Matted & Framed
Harriet Selfridge–“Paths Crossing”–Watercolor–$200–14×18–Matted & Framed
Pam Hessey–“Mousie Nightmare”–Photography–$95–16×20–Framed
John Van Vliet–“Zion Narrows”–Photography on Canvas–$90–16×32
Doris Lightwine–“The Nile”–Acrylic–$100–10×12–Framed
Doris Lightwine–“Alpine View”–Acrylic–$300–13×16–Framed
Terry Flanagan–“Reflections Above and Below”–Processed Photography–$80–22.5×15.5–Framed
Dice One–“Under the Boardwalk”–Photography–$45–12×14.5–Matted and Framed
Lee Multari–“Mark from Above”–Photography–$115–16×20–Matted and Framed
Claudia Tuberg–“Earthquake”–Acrylic on Canvas–$75–8×50
John Van Vliet–“Ascent of Fire”–Processed Photography on Metal–$225–17×24–Framed
Sheila Barger–“Love Where You Live”–High Fire Ceramic Sculpture–$1400–5×5 feet high x 12 foot metal base
Dice One–“Look Up”–Photography–$45–12×14.5–Matted and Framed
Dice One–“Portal”–Photography–$45–12×14.5–Matted and Framed
Jim Federico–“Strange Lights Up Ahead”–Acrylic on Canvas–$85–10×30–Black Edges
Doris Gosney–“Knotty Gourd”–Gourd (Acrylic and Feathers)–$125–41×6–Wall Hanging–SOLD
Denise Multari–“Beyond Time and Knowledge”–Mixed Media Collage–$110–11×13–Matted and Framed
Carl Childs–“Sacred Ancient Desert”–Acrylic, Resin, Wood–$1375
Sharon Matheson–“Obsidian Outcrop”–Acrylic–$350–30×30–On Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Carol Campbell–“Biplanes in Flight”–Digital Art–$60–12×16–Canvas Print
Vicky DeLong–“Wondrous Things”–Mixed Media Book Art–$85–5×5 (10×5 open)
Greg Ruge–“Mendocino Shoreline”–Oil on Canvas–$675–16×20
Greg Ruge–“Bridge Over Cambria Creek”–Oil on Canvas–$625–16×20
Sharon Tipton–“Beyond the Horizon”–Oil–$225–11×14–Framed
Lorraine Fry–“The Old Tree”–Acrylic–$75–11×14–Framed–SOLD
Andree Duncan–“Pale Iris”–Acrylic–$100–12×12 Round
Mary Ann Schueller–“Sunset at Cerbat”–Oil on Canvas–$50–16×20–Framed
Pam Hessey–“Hug Your Rooster”–Photography–$65–11×14–Framed
Pam Hessey–“The Judging”–Photography–$65–11×14–Framed
Teri Merrill–“A Mother’s Love”–Acrylic–$225–10×20–Gesso Board Wrapped
Barb Graham–“Great Buck Looking Beyond”–Photography–$197–30×24–Framed
Sharon Matheson–“The Scent of Wind”–Acrylic–$500–36×36–On Gallery Canvas
Andrea Havard–“When I See It, I Will Believe It”–Low Fire Ceramic–$85–Candle Holder and Candle
David Francisco–“Entering”–Acrylic on Canvas–$85–10×8
MIke Lawrence–“Fresh Perspective”–Acrylic–$145–10×13–Matted and Framed
Carol Campbell–“Rainbow Balloon”–Photography–$80–16×24–Canvas Print
Pamela Malouf–“Underwater Escapades”–Fabric/Textile Art–$210–16×18–Framed
Kathi Vargo–“Center Yourself”–Mixed Media Collage–$155–12x12x1–On Wood Panel
David Francisco–“Eye of the Beholder”–Acrylic on Canvas–$195–18×14–Hangs Either Way
Cheryl Thomas–“Above the Crowd”–Acrylic on Panel–$300–11×14
Jim Federico–“Blue Angel”–Sculpture–$210–24 Tall x 8 inch Stone Base
Sally Bradley–“Sunset”–Fabric Art–$50–18×31–Framed Fabric–SOLD
Terry Flanagan–“Portal to the Beyond”–Processed Photography–$60–28.5×9–Framed–OK to Hang Wide or Tall
Cheryl Thomas–“Trapeze Chick”–Acrylic on Panel–$125–8×10–SOLD
Charmaine Piscitello Thessin–“Happiness Gigantiptera”–Acrylic on Canvas Board–$350–11×14 with 7×5 Raised Center Piece
Karen Lopez–“Hooked”–Mixed Media–$200–13x13x3
Vicky DeLong–“Fortune Cookie Delight”–Mixed Media Book Art–$75–4.5×3.5 (8.5×3.5 open)
Karen Lopez–“Falling Star”–Mixed Media with Battery Pack, Crystals Light Up–$250–12×12
Ernie Dollman–“Stockton Hill Casita”–Oil on Linen–$324–12×15–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Val Verde Shed”–Oil on Linen–$462–11×14–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Desert Wash”–Oil on Linen–$462–11×14–Framed
Rob Bagge–“Oh the Depth of Beauty”–Acrylic, Ink Mixed Media–$90–12×24–SOLD
Nancy Sandy–“Time Travel”–Photography–$45–16×13–Framed
Rob Bagge–“Between a Rock and a Hard Spot”–Acrylic–$66–8×10–On Canvas
Nancy Sandy–“Ice on the Headwaters”–Photography–$35–9×11–Framed
Pat Toth–“A Tangled Perspective”–Pen and Pencil–$125–14×17–Matted and Framed
Nancy Sandy–“Close Up”–Photography–$45–16×13–Framed
Claudia Tuberg–“Flames in the Dark”–Acrylic on Canvas Board–$85–14×26–Framed–SOLD
Kevin Roberts–“Tesseract”–Mixed Media with LED Lights–$125–9.5×11.5–Shadow Box Frame–Battery Pack
Inessa Burrell–“Blue Angel”–Digital Painting–$100–18×22–Framed
Sally Hudak-Logan–“Underwater Play”–Watercolor–$75–11×14–Framed
John Van Vliet–“Firebird”–Processed Photography on Metal–$110–13×13–Framed
John Van Vliet–“Blue Cholla Goddess”–Processed Photography on Metal–$95–13×13
Claudia Tuberg–“Northern Lights”–Acrylic on Canvas–$75–16×20–Framed