Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures. Contest winners are indicated in blue.

Teri Merrill–“The Social Distancing Tunnel”

Lisa McClung–“Harsh Reality”

Kim Patillo–“Father of the Covey”

Sharon Matheson–“Vertical Perseverance”

Jennifer Esposito–“Ship Rock 4-19-2020”

Lisa Ruesch–“New River Gorge Bridge, Fayetteville WV”

Justin Poole–“Moment In Time”

Scott Christensen–“Lonely World”

Tom Voss–“There Can Be Beauty in Being Isolated”

Katie Barthlow–“Birthday Alone”

Taylor Blake–“Even in the Darkness, When the World Seems Like it’s Close to Ending, There is Always a Light.”

KristiAnna–“Nature’s Office”

Rylie Taylor–“Quarantined Summer”

Carol Campbell–“Isolation By Choice”

Pam Malouf–“Keeping Loved Ones Safe”

Marla Brotherton–“Hope For a Brighter Day”

Jim Federico–“Covid Lockdown”

AnnaLee H–“Shadows”

Diane Pherigo–“Cactus Love” A Heart in the Time of Social Distance

Billie Jo Clouse–“Homing In on Covid-19”

Greg Brotherton–“This Too Shall Pass”