General Information

What to Submit

Artistic -Craft items such as Jewelry, ceramics, scarves, magnets, fabric creations, cards and other hand crafted items are perfect.


Original Art items should not exceed 12” square. Mass produced items (such as mugs, cards and other printed material) could be larger as they are not “original art”.


Items submitted to the retail shop should not exceed $120 in price. Exceptions may be made for some jewelry items.

Art pieces that were submitted for consideration in a main gallery show should not be submitted to the retail shop, regardless of whether the piece was accepted into the show.

Art pieces by the same artist, that are similar to the items in the current gallery show, will not be available for sale in the retail shop during that gallery show run.

The retail committee will decide how submitted retail art items will be displayed.

Retail items may be rotated out of the shop if they are not selling. This decision is at the discretion of the retail committee.

Items are subject to the same standards as the gallery shows. Art should be family-friendly, non-political and non-religious. We are fairly broad in our interpretation of these terms so please reach out to us if you want a review.

How to Submit

Send photos of items you wish to submit along with their dimensions and the prices you wish to charge to [email protected]. To make sales simple, it is the preference of KCA that all sale prices are even dollars. The artist will receive 70% of the sale price and KCA will receive 30%. Please see the attached chart.

Our retail committee will review your submissions and you will be contacted within 2 weeks with their decision. If your items are approved, you will be given further instructions on when to bring your items in along with an inventory sheet to fill out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are size and price of submitted artwork being restricted?

We want to maintain a clear distinction between the main gallery and the retail shop. Example: A $200 sculpture piece that is 18” tall would be inappropriate for the Retail Shop while a 10” tall piece for $70 might be acceptable.

The ArtHub’s primary mission is to promote the visual arts in our community. The KCA gallery prioritizes presentation and promotion of artwork and artists. We strive to maintain a balance of creative arts awareness, community representation, display of attractive and/or thought-provoking pieces and lastly, sales potential.

The retail shop, or Artist’s Marketplace, prioritizes quality arts/crafts items that wouldn’t normally be considered part of the gallery shows, with focus on items that are less expensive but of similar quality to the art seen in the gallery shows. The Artist’s Marketplace should not be viewed as a lower scale gallery or a clearance center for art that didn’t initially sell in the gallery.

Why can’t I submit art to the retail shop that wasn’t accepted or didn’t sell
in the gallery shows?

We are trying to create a visual separation between the main gallery and the retail shop. We hope that by defining these differences, you will have a clearer understanding of which of your art pieces are appropriate for each spot. This gives you a better chance of having more of your art displayed in the ArtHub. Additionally, we want the retail shop to complement the quality of art being displayed in the gallery shows.

Why can’t I have similar art pieces in both the gallery and the retail shop at
the same time?

This policy is to further our efforts to maintain a separation between the two spaces.

Why can’t I set up the display of my own art items in the retail shop?

Every artist wants their art to be in the best presentation spot possible. To avoid conflict, our retail committee will do it’s best to maintain an unbiased opinion on what items are displayed where, concentrating on the overall look of the display. We will occasionally move the displays around to give all artists a chance for better viewing spots.