To see this show in person, visit our gallery at the ArtHub, 402 E. Beale Street, Kingman, AZ. The show runs April 1-May 8, Tues- Thur 11am-5pm and Fri-Sat 11am-6pm.

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Jim Federico–“I Can See You”–Gourd (mixed media)–$185–18x12x6–This is a mask to hang on the wall, mirror inside reflects back to the viewer
Andrea Havard–“A Journey in Texture”–High Fired Clay (food safe)–$85 (for set)–5.5×6 & 5×3–Ceramics
Imre Szabo–“Puzzle Cubism”–Acrylic/Canvas–$6000–36×36–with gloss finish (painting and design continues on edges)
Doris Gosney–“Corn Gatherers Basket”–Decorated Gourd Art–9×5–$75–Carvings on multiple sides–SOLD
Kathi Vargo–“Soar”–Mixed Media–$200–12×16–Encaustic and collage on wood
Kathi Vargo–“Speak to Me”–Mixed Media Collage–$100–On Wood–SOLD
Kathi Vargo–“Gentle Breeze”–Mixed Media–$75–8×8–Eco-print with embossed silver on brass on wood
Andree Duncan–“Bird of Paradise”–Watercolor–$175–29×23–Matted & Framed
Jim Federico–“Mesas and Visitors #1”–Acrylic on Canvas Panel–$120–12×15–Framed
Doris Gosney–“No Sabes Sacred”–Gourd Art–$200–8×6–No Sabes Sacred Means “They Don’t Know Sacred”
John Van Vliet–“Desert Directions”–Light Painting–$120–25×17–Photo on Canvas, Framed
Barb Graham–“Squirrel Face”–Photography–$98–18×15–Framed
Barb Graham–“Barn Sheep”–Photography–$110–22×17–Framed
Teri Merrill–“Nature’s Spy”–Water-Based Oils–$85–11×14 Canvas Wrapped, Framed
Cheryl Thomas–“Nests I Have Sat On”–Mixed Media–$600–33x17x28–Pedestal is available purchase for $100
Greta Warren–“Zaff Heywett”–Oil Painting–$275–17×21–Framed
Pam Hessey–“Indian Paintbrush”–Photograph–$65–17.5×14.5–Matted & Framed–SOLD
Pam Hessey–“Singing For Supper”–Watercolor–$150–18.5×22.5–Matted and Framed
Mike Lawrence–“Growing Bigger”–Watercolor–$95–12.5×16.5–Matted and Framed on Cold Pressed Paper–SOLD
Elizabeth Pollnow–“A Bright New World”–Cold-Cast Bronze on Walnut–$295–8x6x6–Juvenile Desert Tortoise With Poppies
Pat Evans–“leaping greenly spirits of trees”–Watercolor–$300–24×18–Matted & Framed
Carol Campbell–“Butterfly Reflection”–Photo Art–$120–16×20–On Canvas
Carol Campbell–“Lavender Fields”–Photography–$120–16×20–On Canvas
John Van Vliet–“Yucca Regeneration”–Light Painting on Metal–$230–17×25–Framed
Claudia Tuberg–“Aloha”–Acrylic on Canvas–$85–15×15
Claudia Tuberg–“Colorful Sprouts”–Acrylic–$75–12×12 Round–On Canvas Board–Framed
Teri Merrill–“Autumn Treasures”–Acrylic Wrapped on Board–$65–12×12
Andrew Florea–“Promise of Rain”–Oil on Panel–$300–21×18–Framed
Marek Danielewski–“Midsommer”–Mixed Media on Paper–$1500–35×39–Framed
Rob Bagge–“Simply Iris”–Acrylic–$120–20×16–On Canvas
Rob Bagge–“Early Morning Dahlia”–Acrylic–$120–20×16–On Canvas
Pamela Malouf–“Spring Fever”–Textile/Fabric Mixed Media–$140–14x16x2.5–Mounted on Board–SOLD
Pam Hessey–“My Fly-Fishing Lessons”–Mixed Media (Watercolor & Trout Fly)–$425–18x24x2.5–Matted & Framed
Jim Federico–“Night Watchman”–Mixed Media Sculptor–$290–22x8x6D
John Van Vliet–“Canyon De Chelly Revisited”–Processed Photo & Mixed Media–$90–13×13–Photo on Metal–Framed–SOLD
Karen Lopez–“Secret Garden”–Mixed Media–$325–17x13x2.5D–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Val Verde”–Oil on Linen–$800–30×24–On Canvas Panel–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Stockton Hill Backdrop”–Oil on Linen on canvas–$350–9×12–Framed
Ernie Dollman–“Morning Rider”–Oil on Panel–$400–15.5×18.5–Framed–SOLD
LCecka–“Dreams, Fragments and Hope”–Mixed Media–$175–16×20–Matted & Framed
Ian Richard Elder–“Growth”–Graphite Pencil–$90–10×12–Framed–SOLD
Sharon Matheson–“Wren”–Acrylic & Ink–$75–13.5×13.5–Matted & Framed
Cindy HIll–“Daisy Study”–Watercolor–$60–8×10–Canvas Wrapped Wood Frame
Cindy Hill–“Born to Be Beautiful”–Watercolor & Pen–$100–8×10–Canvas Wrapped Wood Frame–SOLD
Cindy Hill–“Flower Bee Study”–Watercolor & Pen–$60–8×10–Canvas Wrapped Wood Frame–SOLD
Sally Hudak-Logan–“Swimming Upstream”–Watercolor–$80–19×23–Matted & Framed
Sally Bradley–“Monet Revisited”–Fabric Art–$30–17×13
Rob Bagge–“Growing Pains”–Stone Sculpture–$105–10x14x19.5
Jean Chowhan–“Faith to Grow Unto the Son”–Fabric Art–$250–32×25–Wall Hanging
Laurel Stevens–“Follow the Path”–Oil on Canvas–$230–10×20
Andrew Florea–“Solo Passage”–Oil on Canvas–$175–6×8–Framed
Sharon Matheson–“Ask Alice”–Acrylic–$160–20×24–Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Pat Evans–“Monument to a Valley”–Watercolor–$200–10×6–Matted & Framed
Andrew Florea–“Untamed”–Oil on Canvas–$175–8×8–Framed–SOLD
Doris Lightwine–“Spring at Rosedown”–Acrylic–$100–10.5×12.5–Framed–SOLD
Andrew Florea–“El Viejo”–Oil on Panel–$175–6.5×8.5–Framed–SOLD
Terry Flanagan–“Patriotic Cotton”–Photography on Canvas Wrapped on Wood Frame–$50–6×36
Terry Flanagan–“Cholla”–Photography on Canvas Wrapped on Wood Frame–$50–6×36–SOLD
Terry Flanagan–“Water of Life”–Photography on Canvas Wrapped on Wood Frame–$50–6×36
Carl Childs–“Expanding Colors”–Acrylic on Panel–$1250–12×16
Mary Jane Swafford–“Lemon in the Mist”–Acrylic–$250–12×16
Mary Ann Schueller–“Tulip Tango”–Oil on Canvas–$40–12×15–Framed–SOLD
John Van Vliet–“The Titan”–Processed Photo on Metal–$90–15×12–Framed