January 7-February 13 2021 at the ArtHub, 402 E. Beale Street in Kingman, Arizona.

Open hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11am – 6pm.

To purchase an artwork, click on the image.

Doris Lightwine, “Water Lily”, Acrylic, $100, 13×11, Framed–SOLD
Carol Campbell, “Into the Void”, Digital Photo Art, $120, 16×20 on Canvas–SOLD
Ernie Dollman, “Golden Valley Clouds”, Oil on Linen, $310, 16×13 Framed
Doris Lightwine, “Ginger”, Acrylic, $200, 17×18 Framed–SOLD
Pat Evans, “All the Otherness and Me”, Watercolor, $300, 11×21 Matted and Framed
Carol Campbell, “Magic Forest”, Digital Photo Art, $120, 16×20 on Canvas
Kevin Roberts, “Reflections”, Pastel and Charcoal, $150, 20×24, Framed
Ernie Dollman, “Desert Wash”, Oil on Linen, $310, 16×12.5 Framed
Veena, “Change is the Only Constant”, Oil on Canvas, $800, 20×20
Cheryl Thomas, “Serape Chick”, Acrylic, $400, 12.5×15.5 Framed
Barb Graham, “Snow Pond”, Photography, $121, 24×18 Framed
Veena, “The Birthing of Lady Gaga”, Oil on Canvas, $800, 20×20
Kathy Powers, “Hidden Poppy”, Photo with Beads, $65, 17×14 Matted and Framed
Ernie Dollman, “Kingman Back Streets”, Oil on Linen, $310, 14×16 Framed
Barb Graham, “Bull Reflection”, Photography, $62, 17×14 Matted and Framed
Beth Rudolph, “Sea Dream”, Epoxy and Acrylic Resin, $250, 36×13
Andrew Florea, “Monsoon Light”, Watercolor, $105, 11×14 Matted and Framed, SOLD
Andrew Florea, “Luminous Horizon”, Oil on Panel, $175, 7×9 Framed, SOLD
Gary Bower, “Moonlight Reverie”, Acrylic, $150, 23.5×20 Framed
Doris Lightwine, “Down a Lazy River”, Acrylic, $200, 15.5×19 Framed
Stephen Stewart, “Dragonzord: Now and Forever”, Acrylic, $200, 18×18 on Canvas
Kathy Powers, “Ocean Treasures”, Photo with Beads, $125, 20×24 Matted and Framed
Bill Ekstrom, “Buffalo in the Mist”, Photography, NFS, 16×20 on Canvas
Pat Evans, “After Klimt”, Watercolor, $300, 12.5×12 Matted and Framed–SOLD
Mary Ann Schueller, “Wisconsin Daydream”, Oil, $50, 16×20 on Canvas
Karen Lopez, “Butterfly Effect”, Mixed Media, $250, 12 in W x 12in L x 2.5 in D, Framed, SOLD
Claudia Tuberg, “Creatures In My Dreams”, Acrylic, $115, 20 inch Round Canvas
Mike Lawrence, “Dreaming of Deer Medicine”, Giclee Print, $95, 12.5×15 Matted and Framed–SOLD
Jim Federico, “Spirit Column”, Limestone, $995, 48 inches Tall x 6 inches wide (All 4 sides stained and engraved) (If desired: Delivery and set up $105)–SOLD
Rob Bagge, “Visions of Pink”, Photography, $165, 19×25 Matted and Framed
LCecka, “Dreams, Fragments and Hope”, Mixed Media, $175, 16×20 Matted and Framed
Carl Childs, “Qi”, Acrylic / Ink, NFS, 13×16 Matted and Framed
Karen Lopez, “Fathom”, Mixed Media, $195, 13×13 Framed
Rob Bagge, “Sweet Dreams”, Acrylic, $135, 23.5×19.5 Framed
Kathy Powers, “Bougainvillea”, Photo with Beads, $65, 17×14 Matted and Framed
Kassandra Marks, “Musashi”, Acrylics, NFS, 12×15 Framed
John Van Vliet, “Mystery Embrace”, Light Painting Mirror Image, $99, 12.5×15.5 on Metal and Framed
Andree Duncan, “Colorado River Reflections”, Acrylic, $100, 17.5×15 Framed
Cindy Hill, “Forest Vision Study #1”, Acrylic, $100, 10.5×12.5, Framed
Renee Shobha Barnes, “Grey Scale Visions”, Mixed Media, $150, 24×30 on Canvas
Bob Baduro, “Cook Bank, Rhyolite, NV”, Light Painting, $185, 18×24 on Canvas–SOLD
Greta Warren, “Cubs in Kingman”, Oil on Linen Panel, $1800, 21×25 Framed
Jim Federico, “Dream Boy”, Photograph, $150, 16×30 on Canvas (black edges)
Leon Bennett, “Red Rock Reflection”, Acrylic, $150, 15×19 Framed
John Van Vliet, “Rhinosaurus”, Sculpture/Found Objects, $700, 14x8x12
Sally Bradley, “Serenity on the Pond”, Fabric Art, $30, 16×24–SOLD
Renee Shobha Barnes, “Golden Cross”, Mixed Media, $150, 24×30 on Canvas
Dennis Mayer, “False Flag”, Acrylic, $75, 15×12 Framed
Claudia Tuberg, “Reflections in Gold”, Acrylic, $135, 28×22 on Canvas
Andrew Florea, “Woodland Interior”, Oil, $125, 7×7 Framed–SOLD
Cheryl Thomas, “Golden Egg Chick”, Mixed Media, $500, 20x18x4 deep
Rik Simon, “Low Tide”, Photography, $200, 32×25.5 Matted and Framed
Andrew Florea, “Tierras Mojave”, Watercolor, $75, 13×16 Matted and Framed–SOLD
Rob Bagge, “Winter Sunset”, Acrylic, $95, 15×18.5 Framed
Jim Federico, “Blue Spirit Hunter”, Repurposed Material, $300, 27 inches tall x 12 inch wide base
Rik Simon, “Anchored”, Photography, $200, 25×31 Framed
Jim Federico, “Jan’s Clippers”, Repurposed Material, $150, 16x20x4 deep, Wood Box and Frame
Carol Campbell, “Magic Tree”, Digital Photo Art, $80, 11×14 on Canvas
John Van Vliet, “Electric Boulder”, Light Painting on Metal, $350, 20×30