Progress is Happening!

More progress! The ceiling has been removed in the main theater room, exposing the original curved beams. The lobby has a new staircase and walls framed in. See pictures below.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:How much money has been raised so far and where has it been spent?
We have raised $481,092 toward our capital campaign since we first started in 2016. We have spent $261,905. For a detailed view of our expenditures, see our website,
Who is doing the renovation work?
Michael Taylor from Prescott is our architect, Stages, Inc. is our staging consultant and T.R Orr is teaming up with Angle Homes to handle the general contracting on the project.
When will the theater renovations be finished?
Renovation progress will be dependent on funding. We are seeking financial donations, as well as looking for in kind donations of products and labor and applying for grant funding. In consultation with Toby Orr, we believe it will be finished within the next 5 years, but hopefully sooner!
What are the plans for the finished theater?
The finished theater will be a community performing arts venue for the city of Kingman. It will be a multi-use venue. We will produce a season of live community theater shows, and host other community led productions, present a variety of professional entertainers, including musicians, professional theater groups, film festivals, and classic cinema, and be available for rent to private users for meetings and private events. 

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