The show is on display at the ArtHub, 402 E. Beale Street, Kingman, AZ. To purchase any of the artwork displayed, please email [email protected] or call 928-530-8432.

Jim Federico–“Ocotillo Sunset”–Acrylic–$420–36×36
Kathi Vargo–“Copper Canyon”–Mixed Media Collage–$200–18×24
David Francisco–“Southwest Serpent”–Acrylic on Canvas–$125–14×18
Sharon Matheson–“Ancient Gardens”–Acrylic on Canvas–$175–12x12x1.5
Angele Florisi–“Lost in the Past”–Photography–$79–18×12–Gallery Wrap
Sheila Barger–“Natives of the Southwest”–High Fire Ceramic (won’t fade in sun)–$999–5 feet tall, 9 inches
Claudia Tuberg–“Mystical Forest”–Acrylic on Canvas–$105–118×22–Framed
Sally Bradley–“Monsoon Season”–Fabric Art–$70–17×20
Rob Bagge–“Below the Plateau”–Acrylic–$115–12×16
Angele Florisi–“The Vintage Flyer”–Photography–$79–18×12
Pam Hessey–“Early-Canyon de Chelly”–Photography–$55–13×16–Framed
Nancy Sandy–“Desert Bouquet”–Photography–$45–11×13–Framed
Pat Toth–“Summer Heat”–Watercolor–$95–16.5×13–Matted and Framed
Joyce Wiley–“What’s Knot to Like with a Southwest Valley View”–Mixed Media–$550–14x18x9
Nancy Sandy–“Wings in the Morning”–Photography–$40–14×17–Framed
Rob Bagge–“Goodbye Old Paint”–Mixed Media–$295–16×20
Angele Florisi–“Cavates”–Photography–$99–16×24–Gallery Wrap
Carl Childs–“Inner Universe”–Leather Matrix–$1500–10.5×13–Matted and Framed
Sharon Matheson–“Sleeping Sisters”–Acrylic on Canvas–$400–30x30x1.5
David Chandonet–“Miner’s Cabin”–Photography–$285–19×15–Matted and Framed
Rob Bagge–“Thimble Mt.”–Mixed Media–$180–18×24
Greta Warren–“1911 Arizona Territory”–Oil on Linen Board–$1911–26×32–Framed
Lorraine Fry–“Mountain View”–Acrylic–$65–18.5×10–Framed
Carol Campbell–“Desert Bird of Paradise”–Photgraphy–$50–14×17–Matted and Framed
Mike Lawrence–“One Who Brings”–Watercolor–$110–12×15–Matted and Framed
Cheryl Thomas–“Cowgirl Chick”–Oil on Canvas–$300–16×16
Pam Hessey–“Mojo (Harris’s Hawk)–Oil on Canvas–$165–19×16–Framed
Claudia Tuberg–“Carnival”–Acrylic on Canvas–$75–10x 30
Pam Hessey–“The Breakfast Dance”–Oil on Rusted Metal–$150–26x 22–Framed with leather mat
Mary Ann Schueller–“High Mountain Runoff”–Oil on Canvas–$80–20x 24–Framed
Jim Federico–“Twilgiht on the Old Mission”–Acrylic–$220–19x 23–Framed
Jim Federico–“Seed Spirit”–Mixed Media Sculpture–$185.00–11Wx 17Tx 5D
Jesse Faulkner–“Iron Horse”–Metal Art Sculptor–$350.00–15x 17 x8 Deep
Barb Graham–“Log Cook Shack”–Photography–$75–19x 16–Framed
Pamela Malouf–“Let’s Get Lost”–Textile Art–$185–15x 17
Jim Federico–“Hotel Beale”–Photography–$75–12x 16–on Stretched Canvas
John Van Vliet–“The Excursion”–Processed Photo–$125–20x 30–on Canvas
Doris Gosney–“Mask of Life”–Mixed Media–$125–9inch Wide x 14inch Tall x 6inch D–Wall Hanging
Philip Santos–Untitled (rug)–Acrylic Yarn–$400–15x 18
David Francisco–“Last Sunlight”–Acrylic on Canvas–$125–14×18
Harriett Selfridge–“Simplicity Forgotten”–Watercolor–$300–30x 24–Framed
Natalya Walldorf–“Mohave Highlands”–Pastel on Board–$300–18x 23–Matted and Framed
Inessa Burnell–“Inspiration”–Digital Painting–$145–18x 12–Print on Canvas
Laura Sykes–“Thrive”–Gouache–$250–16x 21–Framed
Natalya Walldorf–“Witches Circle”–Oil on Canvas–$500–31x 25–Framed
David Francisco–“Mohave Trainscape”–Acylic on Canvas–$95–24x 8
Natalya Walldorf–“Moonlight”–Pastel on Dark Board–NFS–21×28–Framed
Carol Campbell–“Kestrel Falcon on a Saguaro”–Photography–$80–16x 20–on Canvas
David Chandonet–“Supermoon Rising”–Photography–$285–15x 19–Matted and Framed
Denise Multari–“Happy Pancakes”–Acrylic–$55–10.5x 12.5–Framed
Cheryl Thomas–“Marisposa (Buttefly Chick)”–$100–Acrylic on Panel–8×10–SOLD
Sally Bradley–“New Beginnings”–Fabric Art–$55–29x 30
Gar Bradley–“Howling at the Moon”–Metal Art–$80
Doris Gosney–“Desert Gold”–Mixed Media on Gourd–$1200–18Hx 9Wx 8D
Andrea Havard–“Clear Skies in the Pueblo”–Low Fire Ceramic–$100–10 inch W x4T
Karen Lopez–“Autumn Ember”–Mixed Media–$180-19.5H x 16.5–Framed